Position  Turning Center Major  Mechanics
Requirements   1、Male, senior high school degree or above, 3+ years of CNC operation experience;
  2、Familiar with SIEMENS840D and FAUNC and able to program;
  3、One with college degree or above is preferred;
  4、Responsible and communicative.

Position  CNC Major   Limited
Requirements   1、3+ years of CNC lathe operation experience and skilled at reading mechanical drawings;
  2、Skillfully use calipers, micrometers, etc;
  3、Able to choose cutting tools rightly and able to program independently; with strong quality awareness;
  4、Hydraulic working experience is preferred.

Position  Production Assistant Major  Mechanics
Requirements   1、1+ year of mechanical shop scheduling experience;
  2、Able to read mechanical machining drawings and familiar with mechanical machining techniques;
  3、Skilled at OFFICE software;
  4、Married one with ERP administration experience is preferred.

Position  Financial Clerk Major  Finance
Requirements   1、大College degree or above, 1+ year of document working experience;
  2、Familiar with foreign trade flow and able to make import and export documents independently;
  3、Careful and aspirant.

Position  Mechanical Engineer Major  Mechanics
Requirements   1、Bachelor degree, majored in hydraulic transmission and control, or mechanical manufacturing;
  2、3+ years of hydraulic working experience;
  3、Familiar with AutoCAD and Pr/e;
  4、Well-articulated and with good communication and stress tolerance abilities;

Position  Master Graduate Major  Mechanics
Requirements   1、5+ years of working experience, graduated from “211 Project” key universities;
  2、Ones majored in mechanical engineering and hydraulic transmission and control are preferred;
  3、Hydraulic element developer is preferred.




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